Monday, August 23, 2010

Stash Busting

I have too much yarn. It fills a single layer along a five shelf book-shelf. Most of the yarn I purchased with projects in mind. Even if I wasn't quite sure the yarn fit for the project, I was certain I could "find something to make with it."

I now have a mixture of yarn I'm planning to use, and other yarn I have touched in a yarn and I'm not planning on using it any time soon. Hence a problem. Should I buy more yarn that I absolutely would use and keep in my stash or destash by knitting and giving away the stuff I don't want?

First, let's tally what I'm working on, and what I'll be working on in the near future.

Currently I have (on the needles):

  • A lace shawl for Ms. Moppet (half way done).
  • A lace shawl for me (two rows from being one repeat complete).
  • One mitten (I need to rip back to the beginning of the palm. I lost track and screwed up far too many times to pick up from where I left off). 
  • A sweater (need to complete the back, the side lace, and a sleeve).
  • A sweater vest (need to complete right-half front, and neck ribbing). 

I have purchased yarn for:
  • A skull cap for my Mom's birthday hat. (To line the hat I made her last year).
  • Christmas presents for my sister, future Mother-in-Law, and Mom. 
  • Multiple toys.  

I want to buy yarn for:
  • Mr. Photog for a Christmas hat.
  • A hat for my Dad for Christmas.

So...stash busting accountability. What should I finish first, and how long should everything else take? When should I buy the rest of my Christmas presents?

The easiest to complete would be the sweater vest. It's almost finished. Another week, if that, to complete.

So, what should I complete next?